A Farewell   63 comments

Unfortunately, life is what it is. For me, work has just gotten too hectic for me to maintain this blog. While I have enjoyed the last 4 years with all of you, I just don’t have the time to post any more.

Feel free to comment in this last lonely thread, or you can go to Marshall’s blog, MFI Diary. He is a good guy, and a savvy investor, so I think he will take good care of you. While I may not agree with him on every stock, most of his picks are pretty good, when they aren’t awesome.

I am not giving up on investing. To the contrary, this blog has been a wonderful learning experience, and I would recommend it to any of you. My main advice to anyone starting a self-investing blog would be: Maintain a thick skin, and be prepared to listen to a lot of suggestions that just aren’t you. In other words, people will frequently give you tips that won’t suit your style. If you follow those tips, your results will probably show it. But there are also people whose investment tips will suit your style. And that brings us back to the purpose of setting up a self-investing blog: To really learn your own style. I feel comfortable in my investing “suit” now.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean my own style won’t continue to evolve in the future. At the moment, I have a comfortably conservative daytrading scheme (which is still evolving) combined with a long-term value approach. A year from now, this could change.

I wish you all the best, and I appreciate all the time you folks have dedicated to me and my blog. Farewell, and God bless.

Posted September 3, 2014 by edmcgon in Blog stuff, Open Thread

63 responses to “A Farewell

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  1. Ed, thank you for the past years. I noticed already you put less energy in this blog, so it doesn’t surprise me. Your work and personal life must come in the first place, and one must take care of it in a good way.
    I learned a lot from you and other people on this blog. I wish you the best in life.
    Thanks again.

    • Ed, thanks from me also. I read here a lot, and appreciate what I have learned from you and all who contribute. God luck and thanks again…

  2. Very sorry to see the end of the blog and I will miss reading it the first thing in the morning when I arrive at work. Thanks for the past 4 years and good luck and good fortune to you.

  3. Enjoyed it Ed, thanks!

  4. Ed – thanks for holding this forum for investment discussion. I know it takes a fair amount of work and effort to run a blog. I have had mine for 8 years now, but cannot post every day like you. People are welcome at my blog of course, but it really isn’t set up so well for discussion. If there is interest here, I would be willing to set up something – but it would likely be a week or two before I went live. Of course if someone else wants to do something, that is good as well.

    • I would certainly appreciate, follow and contribute to any efforts that you would coordinate and set up Marshall. Ed’s efforts for all these years are appreciated by so many of us.

    • Ed will miss the blog. Marshall I will follow you on your current or new blog.

    • Marshall, I too would appreciate your efforts to set up a new daily blog to continue to provide a forum for Ed’s group of active investors. I can definitely see where a daily blog is an an incredible investment of time and would be happy to help in any way that I could,

      Perhaps you could post progress on your Blog? I’ll be checking in daily for progress.

    • Marshall I would be interested in such a blog, so if you are someone else sets up such a blog, please post here so we can follow it.

  5. Ed, Thank you for all of your time and effort on this blog. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed “meeting” and learning from other investors. Work and family of course come first, so good luck with both.

  6. Ed- I have been following this since you were a regular commentor on Jubaks site. I really enjoy the morning email that always set the tone for what to expect in the market today. Glad to hear you are busy, and hope you stay that way. Best of luck in your investing.

  7. Ed- it has been good to read your blog every morning. Mostly the first thing I open. Anyways, I had been noticing that you had been participating less and less on the blog. So I am not too surprised. Good luck to you sir. I am sure we will all miss it. Thank you for doing thing the last few years…

  8. Thank you for a blog well-done.
    I know you are the kind of person who can’t help sharing his ideas with other people.
    So, you may want to write on an as-needed basis. Think about it.
    Anyway, thanks again for your Southern hospitality.

  9. Ed, I will absolutely miss your and everyone else’s participation on this blog. This is one of maybe 4 sites that I visit every day without fail. I’ve truly enjoyed and profited from your and everyone’s comments. I’ll miss this badly.

  10. Thanks for all your work over the past 4 years Ed!

  11. Ed, Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. It has been an educational experience for me but mostly I enjoyed the Community feel I got from following every one else’s trades and lives. Will miss it every morning when I check my email and don’t find you there. God Bless and Good Tradin…

  12. Thanks for all your work. I’ll try to keep on trying to improve my investing!!

  13. Ed, I think this is a marhvelous idea!! Maybe, keep the blog alive and just add whenever?? Could it be set up for something like this or maybe someone could do a shout out to start a day with comments??

    Thank you Ed for doing such a terrific job of keeping the site up. I’ve always enjoyed reading each morning your take on the economy, investing, music, paying tribute to Robin Williams, etc.

    Please stay in touch via email. Also, if you ever take the girls to see the mountains, you must visit for sure!


  14. Ed,
    It’s been a fun 4 years on here. Thank you for all the effort that you’ve put into it over that time. Good luck with investing, but most importantly, wishing you good luck in life.

  15. Hello Ed, thank you for the hard work for the last 4 years. I have an active follower since day 1. This blog is the first thing I read every morning. Thanks again!

  16. I have some UVXY that is deep in the red. Today I sold Jan 2016 30 calls for half my shares for 10.40. if called out in 16 months profit will be 30%.

    • sorry, the call premium should reduce my basis to 20.70 leaving me with a gain of approx. 45% if called at 30

    • Won’t the decay value alone require multiple reverse splits for UVXY by 2016?


      • Hmm, interesting point. However, since this is a covered call and I still retain the shares, wouldn’t the number of my shares be adjusted accordingly? functionally leaving me in the same relative position? I’ll take a deeper look.

        Trader do you have any thoughts on Robb’s point?

      • I think Robb was saying is that the price of uvxy might go down by 75%+ by then. Look at a 2yr chart of it on Yahoo. Not sure if this link will work. http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=UVXY+Interactive#symbol=UVXY;range=1y

      • Not sure about this one. We don’t know if there will be any splits. What if markets goes down and UVXY triples or more which is possible with the leverage.. You shouldn’t lose anything because of a split. Should receive the appropriate adjustment. You might want to check with your broker to make sure.

      • OK here’s what I’ve learned. The options and related UVXY shares will always be proportional. I.e if the shares split 2 for 1 then the options will also split 2 for 1. However, in a falling market, the performance of UVXY (which is a 2X inverse option) will reset each day, potentially causing losses greater than 2x the underlying movement of the VIX. For example: UVXY for 100 and on day one the vix drops by 10% to 90. UVXY is set to perform at 2x the vix so UVXY will drop to 80. On the second day, UVXY is reset to perform once again at 2x the VIX. So lets say on day tow the VIX rises 10% to 99. In that case UVXY will rise 2x the vix or +20% of 80 or 96.

        Over the two day period, while the vix has dropped 1%, UVXY has dropped 4%. Accordingly, while UVXY will in fact achieve a daily return equal to 2x underlying vix, over a longer timeframe it will achieve some, very different return which is probably not to the investors benefit.

        All in all the UVXY is not something I want to own LT. Tomorrow I’m buying back the calls and I am going to sell my remaining UVXY in the next week or so and, in the future, I will never own one of these leveraged ETFs overnight again. Live and learn.

        Thanks for the heads up Robb and now I ask: What will I do without this blog in the future.

        Ed, say its not so!

      • Jeff, That’s extreme but uvxy is extreme as well just wait when vix is up in the 20’s. Sorry your going to take a hit but I have something to add. A few years back I bought upro because I thought the market would go higher. Key word thought live and learn. I did just what you did and sold very next day for a heck of a hit. Now if I’d have held on (bought in 80’s) I would have done ok. Some of these leveraged etf are going to avg up with the market in a normal market. A normal market there are write up all over the web about this.
        I guess now you see why I was so very happy this pasted July I sold sco for a profit after being down 8%. I followed the charts and understood them good enough.

      • BillR thanks for your level headed thoughts. I knew these shares were extremely volatile and i expected some wide swings. Actually made a fair amount on previous call premium so I’m not in as bad of shape as it sounds. I will heed your advice and will be a little more patient to look for some decent openings to hopefully get out of UVXY with minimal losses.

  17. Thank you so much for all the work you put into your blog. Your input will be missed.

  18. Thank you Ed for all the time and effort you have put into this blog over the years, and having the guts to show both your successes and failures.
    Something that I don’t think I would ever do.
    I wish you well.

  19. Surprised you did it this long Ed! Tremendous amount of effort on your part. Thanks for the good times.

  20. Marshall, hope you put something together if Ed is unable to continue as some have suggested. Ed, thanks for the last four years and best wishes.

    • Trader – if there is interest, I will put something out here on wordpress this weekend as it is a format everyone is familiar with. I will not have the time or energy for the daily news bites and market views that Ed gives us. But I will try to point out interesting items and perhaps be a bit more active as a moderator than I have been as a contributor.

      Anyone have any good name ideas?

  21. Making money with Marshall

  22. Marshall, CA has had nice move, for it, this week.

  23. Ed, Thank you so much for managing this blog for 4 years. I’ve learned so much and feel like a more confident investor. I wish you the best of luck and keep in touch.

  24. bobb, I wanted to pass this to you, didn’t know if you saw it.

  25. I sold my first shares of gtat today. 12.9% gain that’s with the covered call. I shouldn’t have added the last shares at 18.20 oh well. Added upro today I’ll give it a shot but I want watch it drop long.

  26. Ed I too have enjoyed your blog these last 4 years. I know this blog took a lot of time and effort and I can understand the lack of time being a factor. My job hinders me from doing stock “stuff” during the day but I would always take time to read the discussion every evening. I have learned a lot from this community and hope to see it continue on Marshall blog. Best wishes.

  27. Trader, I saw your next car today. Jaguar F type S First one I’ve seen nice ride.

  28. Thanks Ed, I enjoyed reading this site every day. I haven’t commented much because I don’t know much, but I have learned a lot over the years from following you and the others who contribute. Thanks to all of you. I am looking forward to Marshall’s new forum and hope you drop by to add your comments. Best of luck to you.

  29. Ed, it was a long day for me as I took my wife and one of her Austin girlfriends birding in Florida canyon in Southern Arizona — but it was so much fun.

    Then early this afternoon just after market close I went to EdTalkingStock — what a downer.

    How am I going to wake up every morning with Ed’s Daily Notes no longer available? Who am I going to argue with over the success and price of Apple stock? Who will discuss music with me and most importantly introduce me to the worse cover songs ever and all the new music I have not found on my own?

    As others have noted, this blog has been a great learning tool and a place to bounce ideas off a great group of financially astute investors including yourself.

    You have been as gracious a host (of any type) as I have ever met.

    I wish you the very best. And did you pick today to shut down because Apple was down 4.22%!

  30. Wow, this was an unpleasant surprise. Ed, thanks for all the effort, you’ve been a fantastic host. As a frequent reader, but infrequent poster, I can tell you I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog and the forum. I hope you’ll continue to participate with the group. And thanks to all the regular posters, I’ve learned a lot (but not enough to comfortably start trading options!). Best Regards, Bill.

  31. I want to thank all of you for your heartwarming comments. Believe me, I am reluctant in leaving this blog behind, and my reluctance is because of all of you, who I think of as my “investing buddies”. Hopefully, I will see you all again in some future investing forum.

    • Hello Ed,
      Thank your for ETS! Will definitely miss it! Has been a daily must-read for me. Thoroughly enjoyed and learned from your/everyone’s posts. Wishing you and your family the best!

  32. Guys & Gals – I have set up a site. I have never used WordPress before, so it may take me some time to get semi proficient. I believe if you click on my name, it will link you there. I will also place a link on my MFI Diary site.

  33. Late to the farewell party, but I’ll echo everyone els and say many thanks for the hours and hours you put into this over the years. I as well have learned a lot and enjoyed the ride. Good luck in the future!

  34. Ed,

    Many thanks for providing such a fabulous forum for all us investors and traders. I do not doubt that everyone here supports your decision to stop blogging to focus on family and work. If you decide to just blog less, or come back at a later date, your decision will be well received and appreciated. I have yet to ever find a blog like yours on the internet, and it was truly one of a kind with so many fantastic qualities. It helped me learn a lot about my trading and investing style early on as I got started and the lessons learned here were invaluable. Hope to see you on Marshalls blog.

  35. Again, for those that may have missed it, I am hosting an investment club for people that want to continue to meet as ETS winds down. Just click on my name (http://beerwhiskeyandpizzainvestingclub.wordpress.com/).

  36. Ed,
    I often visit the blog, as I go back to the years you posted on Jim Jubak. Interestingly, after you formed this blog the participation on the site just disappeared. We all wish you well and hope to read some of your thoughts on Marshalls’s blog. Enjoy!!


  37. Ed – thanks for all the insights, teaching and fun weekend links. Wishing you the best and looking forward to reading your comments on Marshall’s blog.

  38. Ed, I have never met you, but consider you a good friend. Thanks so much for running your blog for the past four years. YOU ARE THE MAN!! I started following your site since you first began it, finding you on JJ. You put an incredible amount of time and effort into this, and how you put up with the rest of us for so long attests to your patience and rhino skin. I am saddened by your farewell post, and have learned much from you and your lively and thoughtful discussions. Hopefully this won’t be the last we hear from you, but can well understand the importance and needing more time for family and work. Kind regards, Vintonbuck.

  39. Don’t know if you are still out there or checking your old blog however here is a cover song you may want to add to your collection 🙂


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