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There is a thought-provoking article over at Business Insider, “Wall Street’s Brightest Minds Reveal Their Best Investment Ideas For The Next Decade“. I decided to add two of my own:

1. Google (GOOG): Imagine what Apple would have become if Steve Jobs had lived another 10 years, remaining CEO the entire time? Actually, imagination isn’t required. Just watch Google for the next 10 years, where their brilliant 3-headed CEO will easily be in place, executing one of the most far-reaching strategies of nearly any company in existence. Eric Schmidt is the oldest at 58, but Larry Page and Sergey Brin are both 40.

2. Disney (DIS): How many Star Wars and Marvel-related movies and tv shows will be released in the next 10 years? After you figure out the profits for that, add in toys, theme parks, and…oh yeah, Disney has a pretty strong stable of animated movies which can be sequelized and then even more money can be thrown into the toys and theme parks. And don’t forget the dividend! Disney is simply a money-generating machine.

So what are your top investments for the next 10 years?


Posted January 16, 2014 by edmcgon in Investing

7 responses to “Best Investments for the Next Decade

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  1. For a decade, I would definitely be looking at blue chips. IBM, WFC, CSCO, MET and GE would be high on my list. You could do worse than Berkshire Hathaway as well. We had a similar discussion on this board 2+ years ago and I said INTC and PM.

  2. “And don’t forget the dividend!”

    Ed, please give me a little more info on the above statement. A 1.16% dividend doesn’t rate an “!” in my book and just barely registers as a dividend. I don’t even look at a dividend stock unless it is 2.5% or greater.

    • It’s icing on the cake. However, with compounding interest, and assuming no increase in dividend or stock price, that would be a guaranteed 10.9% return. Sure it is no reason to buy, but it is a nice addition.

  3. In my view:
    – Gold. Somewhere all this thing will go wrong. But it can be later then 10 years too, we can first have deflatation. But then again, I think the central bankers will try to beat deflation with all means necesarry and there is a good chance their game will go wrong ….
    – SPY: difficult to beat the indices

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